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The Devonshire Group

The Mission

Create a faculty training video using pre filmed footage provided by The Devonshire Group. This video would split in to four separate parts to be shown at different intervals throughout the training day.

The Plan

Receive all the footage from The Devonshire Group via a media share program and cut it together into a concise video. Each question will be shown on screen via a graphic created by ImagineBound and then the people in the videos would provide the answers. ImagineBound will also create graphics to be shown as a title and credit screen.

The Outcome

Customer Service Training Video.jpg

Production of 5 videos. 1 long form 15 minute video with all the question and answers included in them. This long form video was then split into 4 equal in length videos. These videos were successfully used during the Chatsworth staff training day.

Lets turn ideas into reality.

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