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Who Are We


Luke Jackson

Luke has been an avid film maker since he was 10 years old, shooting movies on his Sony Ericsson Cybershot with his friends. Since then he has taken a keen interest in videography, photography, animation and editing. Combining these skills to become a talented Director. Having successfully directed a number of films, he has now turned his sights towards, online content creation helping numerous company's create amazing feats of work with the help of his creative producer, business partner and one of his best friends Jack.

Jack has a passion for visual storytelling through both shooting and editing. With experience in shorter video advertisement, longer form content & narrtive based work, Jack aims to cover all the bases to make the most out of every project whatever the size. Along with the technicalities, he enjoyes exploring the psychology of visual story telling with how the imagery and sound can envoke emotion in an audience or target market. Don't get him started on camera specs or lenses.


Jack Humphreys

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