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The Mission

Formnext is the biggest yearly 3D printing event where customers and companies come together to do business. Our goal was to use this event to generate and capture content making the most of all the products and case studies available. Also making use of all the global AMT staff being in one place by conducting interviews. We also wanted to increase AMT's recognition and booth footfall whilst at Formnext 2023.     

The Plan

Produce multiple pieces of content such as interviews, stills, machine breakdowns, case studies & Aftermovies.

We broke down each of the days to capture different forms of content by liaising with AMT staff and their customers to make the most of our time. We would cover the whole of the booth, capturing a library of B-roll shots that we could pull from if AMT requested. We would split two shooters to cover both video footage and stills, whilst using a two camera set up for interviews.                    

The Outcome

Production of presentation coverage, short form social content, case study films, as well as stills for website, social & print usage.

- 4x Daily recap videos

- 2x Full AfterMovies

- Stills catalogue

- 8x Case Study films

- 7x Presention Coverage

- 2x New Product Launch Videos

- 4x Machine Breakdown Videos

- 4x Industry Specific Videos

We also provide video content to be shown live on the TV's at the booth

Lets turn ideas into reality.

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