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The Mission

In this spec work featuring Lumin skincare products, we wanted to show advertisers our knowledge in specific shooting techniques, emphasizing stable camera setups and detailed lighting for visually appealing shots. Through purposeful movement and controlled camera motions, we'd strive to convey compelling narratives that highlight product benefits.

The Plan

This case study aims to showcase a piece of spec work created for Lumin skincare products, focusing on how to shoot small products for advertisements. While the project wasn't commissioned by Lumin, their small-sized products provided an ideal subject to demonstrate effective techniques for capturing compelling visuals. The primary objectives were to demonstrate camera and lighting setups, highlight the importance of purposeful movement for storytelling, and address challenges when dealing with small product videography,

The Outcome

This spec work successfully demonstrated how to shoot small products effectively for advertisements, highlighting the significance of controlled movement in conveying the product's story. By leveraging Lumin skincare products as test subjects, the study provided practical insights for small product photography and its application in commercial campaigns.

Lets turn ideas into reality.

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