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Fjuka Bait

The Mission

Show the effectiveness and uniqness of Fjuka bait with various different methods and applications. Fjuka provides easy to use fishing bait that targets all fish, taking the 'faff' out of fishing.

The Plan

Produce informational & entertaining content with Fjuka anglers showing tips & tricks of various different methods of using Fjuka on how best to use the bait for the most successful day out.


Provide long form YouTube content that can be redistributed as shorter content on social media as well as Video Ads for paid ads. Still photography for print based magazine features.         

The Outcome

Ongoing production of long form, short form social content as well as stills photography. Growth of content library, social media page and YouTube channel viewership.

Multiple 5 figure view count YouTube videos produced generating engagement. Various  successful ad campaigns generating sales through paid advertisement.

Lets turn ideas into reality.

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