Transition to mirrorless: M50 and A6300

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

With Sony already ahead in the mirrorless race with the larger A7's and A9's along with the smaller A6300 and the A6500, Canon has just released their counter punch, the M50. Being in within the £600 to £700 price range, the M50 will go head to head with the already established A6300 but how will it fair?

Both the M50 and the A6300 are both APS-C sensors allowing for a smaller form factor. It seems that both Canon and Sony are trying to dominate the "gimbal camera scene" with their approaches. Lets get this straight, so many camera companies are doing whatever they can the get the "4K" label on the side of their box. They seem to be so focused on providing 4K quality in sacrifice for a sensor crop when 4K isn't really necessary at this point in time. The M50 has a 2.4x crop when shooting in 4K 25p resulting in tighter shots than usual whereas the A6300 does not have a crop. Nice one Sony. It only has a crop for 4K 30p but who shoots in 30p anyway. Sony peaks Canon in the slow motion department too with 1080p 120fps compared to the M50's 720p 120fps. Canon's third strike down by Sony is its lack of log recording whilst the A6300 has not just s-log2 but s-log3. But don't worry the M50 has those funky photobooth style profiles everyone really wants in their camera.

My message to consumers is to not get overhyped on 4K. Canon, Sony and most other camera manufacturers are aiming these types of cameras to prosumers that get all giddy and excited about the word 4K. It's an easy sell in their minds, so don't get drawn in too. At the end of the day it is a pixel count that only allow a select few to experiance on 4K screens. Along with needing gigs and gigs of memory, who really is going to switch that video from 1080p to 4K? Rather turn your attention to actually concievable differences like colour science or technologies such as slow motion or log recording. Don't fall for the 4K gimick just yet.

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