The Big One 2018

In mid March we had a job at The Big One fishing trade show in Farnborough. At this show fishing companies came from all around the globe to meet up, show off and sell the latest products and services to anglers.

We were tasked with the creation of two videos. The first of these was a Day 1 Highlight video which was used by the event to promote themselves but also to attract more people to come to the event on Sunday.

The second video was to shoot some B-roll and vox-pops using radio mics and use the footage from the two days to create an overall video of the weekend which was used by the event company on social media to promote the event.

The clients were very pleased with the result. The day involved a lot of walking around the convention hall, but the footage and the finished video made it all worth while.

Check out the finished video below:

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