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PTENUKI Patient Day

This was an amazing and educational experience for us. When offered the job we had no

idea what PTEN was and what the PTENUKI organization was and this is exactly why PTENUKI wanted us to attend and film their event.

The aim for the videos we created for PTENUKI was to show the amazing work and amazing people at the event. They also wanted to use the video to raise awareness for PTEN as it is a gene mutation that is unknown by many even those within the genealogy world.

We arrived in London at 8am, after catching a 5am train from Sheffield, and once we stepped out of Liverpool Street Station we saw the tower we were going to be working in. It was a breath taking and exciting moment for us. This moment continued as we entered the main lobby and were greeted by a humongous fish tank filled with tropical fish.

The day was filled with interesting talks and friendly people to talk to. We interviewed many really interesting people and it was great to learn about this mutation as well as hear many different stories from people and how they had dealt with PTEN.

This was a great day and an awesome event for anyone with PTEN or anyone who knows someone with PTEN to attend.

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