Baba Ganoush

On January 18th we travelled up to York for our shoot with Baba Ganoush, a bespoke catering company.

To coincide with having a photo shoot of their menu, we spent the morning shooting footage of the chefs preparing their favourite dishes.

We wanted to capture the process of how the dishes were made so we made sure to focus on each key steps of the process and then finish off with the glamour shot of the finished dish.

We had a lot of fun with the shoot hanging out and having a laugh with the lovely people at Baba Ganoush. This shoot also gave us the ablilty to experiment with food videography, something we had not done before but definitely wanted to.

We shot on the Sony A7sii which allowed us to capture beautiful images of the dishes along with nice slow motion at 100fps. We hope that our promo will help show their customers and future customers the level of effort and skill that goes into their dishes.

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