Hi I’m Meg and I’m one of the directors. I discovered my passion for film when I was a young teenager and found myself laughing or crying after watching a screen for two hours! So making homemade basic (and embarrassing) short films was a must. Since then I’ve always wanted to make films which have an emotional impact on the audience; I hope to achieve this with our film.




Hi, my name is Luke Jackson and I'm one of the Directors on this project. Ever since I was 11 years old and my Dad used to let me borrow his old beaten up camcorder, I've been making films. I must admit they weren't my best work but they are what made me fall in love with creating films and pursue a life in the industry. The past two years of my life have been heavily devoted to the beginning of my own company "ImagineBound" with my good friend and the cinematographer on this project Jack Humphreys. This is starting to truly let me live my dreams.




Hi, I’m jack the producer of Lasting Mark. I’m a outgoing, hands on producer who loves a challenge. it’s been a pleasure working on this production and I hope to use the skills I have gained from it in future projects.



Director of Photography

I'm Jack and I am the cinematographer of this project. My aim is to create an environment within the frame of the camera allowing the actor's performance flourish. Composition, lighting, colour and movement (or lack of each) are my main focuses when it comes to being behind the camera. I want to layer meaning within the imagery on screen to be able to a deeper story to that what is shown. Creating a story that not only has narrative depth but character and environmental depth is something that is important to me and I aim to achieve on this project.



Sound Recordist/Designer

I’m outgoing, friendly and always working on a film or project! I enjoy film and tv production and hope to get into sound recording as a job role in the near future. I’ve really enjoyed working on this project and I plan on using this film in my showreel, using it to promote myself as a sound recordist. I also plan on using this film for inspiration and learning from it for future projects.




Hi there I’m Sam, the editor of Lasting Mark. I’ve been editing videos as far back as I can remember well. Lasting Mark is a story that provides a host of both challenges and changes in the editing style throughout. It is the variety of places, themes and characters that excite me about this film and are keeping me constantly interested. I hope too that viewers will take a similar stance on the final edit.